Frequently Asked Questions

Pick-up and Drop-off of items

Do I have to be present during pick-up and drop-off?

Yes. Either you or your proxy needs to be present for the pick-up/drop-off of your items. If you can’t be there personally, please log in to your account and give us the name and phone number of your proxy (could be a friend/parent or roommate) who will be in your residence hall/room. Please make sure someone is there, or a $175 rescheduling fee will apply. We do this for your own security! We want to protect your items!

How do I choose a pick-up/drop-off date and time?

How do I choose a pick-up/drop-off date and time? You can give us your time preferences on your check-out page; the “free” pick-up/drop-off date(s) will also be listed on the checkout page. For 2024, we will be picking up items April 24-26. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate your choice of time windows, although we will try very hard to meet them!

What happens if I cannot be present during my pick-up/drop-off?

As long as you contact us at least ten days before your scheduled pick-up/drop-off date, there is no fee to reschedule. If the request reaches us with less than ten days’ notice, there is a $50 fee to re-schedule delivery during our “free” day(s).

If I live off of campus can you pick up my things?

Yes! The fee for off-campus pick-up is $250. Choose the option for the off-campus pickup/delivery on the sign-up page.

What if I need my stored items in the middle of summer?

Our “out-of-window” delivery fee is $250.

Can I meet you at the storage facility to pick up my items instead of having you deliver them?

No, our service is pickup and delivery only. We don’t allow visitors to the storage facility.

Box kits

Do you provide box-kits?

Yes, you can order a box kit for $54.50 on the sign-up form. Box kits include four 18x18x18 double-walled, very sturdy boxes, tape and a Sharpie marker.

What happens if I need more boxes?

You can order more box kits on the sign-up page. We don’t sell boxes individually.

When will I get my box kit?

We will be dropping them off on Friday, April 19th at the grassy area by Banowski Hall. You can come pick it up between 10am-5pm. You also have the option of having us deliver your box kit to your room for an additional $25.

Can I return an unused box kit?

No, we regret that box kits are non-refundable. Customers who cancel service after placing their orders, will still be charged for any box kits received.

Can I use my own boxes?

Yes! You may use your own boxes for a $50 fee. The reasons why we charge this fee are because: 

a) Our logo, double-walled boxes are very durable and trustworthy; most customers have difficulty finding double-walled boxes,
b) Our logo boxes are much easier to stack while in storage,
c) We provide $100 of storage insurance with the use of our logo boxes,
d) Our logo box is recognizable!


Does Flexible Steel Campus Storage provide shipping services?

Yes! We will pick up your items needing shipping directly from your room! We are the intermediary for FedEx.

How much does shipping cost?

If you are shipping within the continental United States, and you are using our logo box of 18x18x18, and your box weighs less than 40 lbs, the fee is $100/box. We will insure your box up to $100. If your box weighs over 40 lbs. we charge a 45% surcharge on top of the Fedex ground rates. 

For boxes of dimensions other than 18x18x18, our shipping surcharge is 45%. For international shipping please call us for rates 833-FLEX-N4U

Can we ship Internationally?

Yes! Our shipping surcharge is 45% on top of the FedEx rate. Customer is responsible for all tariffs and taxes of destination country.

Can we ship furniture?

No, we do not ship furniture.


Are my items insured?

For storage, our logo boxes are insured up to $100 each, or $1,000 for the total order. For shipping, any box is insured up to $100 each, or $1,000 for the total order.

Moving and packing

Can you guys pack up my room for me?

Yes! Our fee is $150/hour. Call us to schedule!

Can you guys move me off/on campus?

Yes! Call us for details.